Work in Print

See below for select articles and chapters on the history of sport, available in print from the publisher or public/academic libraries:

  • “Learning is Not a Spectator Sport: Oral History Archives and Simulation in the Sport History Classroom” International Journal of the History of Sport (2021)
  • “Blood Stirs the Fight Crowd: Making and Marking Joe Frazier’s Philadelphia” Philly Sports: A History of Teams, Games, and Athletes from Rocky’s Town (2016)
  • “The Report of My Death was an Exaggeration: The Many Sordid Lives of America’s Bloodiest Pastime” International Journal of the History of Sport (2014)
  • “Boxing: The Manly Art” A Companion to American Sport History (2014)
  • “Sculpting George Foreman: A Soul Era Champion in the Golden Age of Black Heavyweights Journal of Sport History (2013)
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